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The exhibition and conference for boat and ship maintenance and repair technologies and services

25-27 June 2019
Hall 12, Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands

Marine Maintenance World Expo and Conference attracts maintenance and shipyard owners and operators, and maintenance technology and equipment specifiers from maintenance and repair service providers and dry docks, as well as operations directors, marine superintendents and fleet maintenance chiefs from the world’s shipping lines, offshore rigs and naval defence fleets.

Discover new maintenance and repair technologies and participate in the international conference that features some of the best names in the business.

Technologies and Services

The only exhibition and conference in the world that is 100% dedicated to showcasing marine maintenance and repair technologies, tools, spare parts, techniques and concepts.

  • Hull blasting/cleaning equipment
  • Hull coatings
  • Spare parts component suppliers
  • Hull inspection equipment
  • Ultrasonic testing equipment
  • Non-destructive testing equipment
  • Boat-lifting equipment
  • Dry dock tools and equipment
  • Underwater ship inspection surveys
  • Underwater repair technology
  • Marine engine maintenance equipment
  • Maintenance of marine engine control systems
  • Marine transmission maintenance systems
  • Predictive maintenance systems
  • Engine and oil analysis equipment
  • Wear particle indicators
  • Vibration analysis systems
  • On-ship/onboard visual monitoring display equipment
  • Bow stem slamming and strain monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Ship maintenance software
  • Lifeboat maintenance systems
  • Ship repair specialists from around the world
  • Hydraulic analysis, coolant analysis, and other fluid analysis
  • Wet/underwater welding
  • Propeller polishing equipment
  • Wireless handheld inventory monitors
  • Marine monitoring and control platforms
  • Integrated platform management systems
  • Load cells
  • Mooring tension monitoring systems
  • Hull stress monitoring equipment
  • Tow load monitoring, mooring load monitoring, jetty management monitoring systems
  • Mooring load monitoring and analysis equipment
  • Marine equipment status monitoring and control systems
  • Salinometers
  • Marine monitoring and control hardware
  • Marine monitoring and control software
  • Fleet management systems
  • Alarm monitoring equipment
  • Power maintenance systems/electrical maintenance systems

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